Rites of Passages in Organizations

A Deep Dialogue on Change 

Dr. Gisela Wendling is a visionary theorist on ritual, lineage, and community in organizations, and leading systems change. Her Liminal Pathways Framework (LPF) offers an archetype for change that integrates working with inner process dynamics and the outer holding structures required for transformations at the individual, group, and organization-wide levels. Rising interest in how to work with and understand change has convinced Gisela Wendling that her work is critical to bring forward.  


Gisela‚Äôs¬†Liminal Pathways¬†(liminal means threshold)¬†work originated from her¬†doctoral studies in¬†rites of passages¬†and significantly evolved as she began to teach the framework¬†‚ÄĒ¬†first in academic settings,¬†then¬†as part of¬†Designing & Leading Change at The Grove Consultants International¬†and using it directly with clients.¬†¬†Visual Consulting:¬†Designing and Leading Change, co-authored with David Sibbet¬†(which participants of this track will¬†receive),¬†is her first book to introduce the LPF.¬†She is now working on a research-based book that highlights how individuals have used the framework to chart their own process through individual or organization change.¬†



‚ÄúThe idea of liminality as part of a change process can change your mind set to be focused on growth and positive transformation as opposed to being stuck in fear and anxiety and resistance.‚Ä̬†¬†


Liminal Pathways research participants  

& Senior OD Leader at a premier research university.  

‚ÄúWhat happens, in my opinion, when you don't go with the liminal process is the decline and eventual irrelevance of the organization and what they do. If you just allow the situation to stay in liminality, people are going to leave. People are not going to embrace this in the long run. They're going to say nothing ever changes. There's a level of frustration and other things that's going to ruin the organization.‚Ä̬†

Liminal Pathways research participants  

Senior Executive in a large government organization 

The Flow

This session will combine short orienting presentations about the framework and early research results, and opportunities for participants to use the LPF to explore their own change challenges. Most of the attention will be on open dialogue that will allow everyone to have deeper insights. 


In support of our shared exploration, some part of the day, if weather allows, will be spent on the land surrounding the beautiful Beuerhof seminar center. Also, while this track is offered in English, light translation into German is available when needed.  

The Focus

The kinds of questions that interest Gisela include:

  • What does it really mean¬†in organizational settings¬†to¬†intentionally¬†let go of the old, enter the territory of the unknown,¬†and creatively invent the future?
  • How can we understand the crucial¬†meetings we hold¬†as steps in¬†a¬†rite of passage?
  • How do rituals¬†‚ÄĒespecially as part of a rite-of-passage¬†like process¬†‚ÄĒ¬†cultivate, harness, and stabilize the energy for change?
  • What is required of us¬†as leaders, consultants, facilitators¬†to step into the role of facilitating processes that are transformational?

For Whom

This day is for leaders, consultants, or facilitators who are interested in turning an organizational change process into an experience that catalyzes transformation. 

Your Facilitator

Gisela Wendling

GISELA WENDLING, Ph.D. is vice-president of global learning and senior consultant at The Grove Consultant International and co-author of the recently released Book Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change. With more than 25 years of experience, Gisela has supported transformational learning and change processes within a wide range of private and public organizations. Her doctoral work let to reconceptualize rites of passages as a human systems change framework and since then she has been actively integrating indigenous understandings into a more complete approach with her clients. Gisela is also the Executive Director of The Global Learning & Exchange Network (The GLEN), supporting the evolution of collaboration within and across organizations, communities and cultures. Her deep appreciation for indigenous people is informed by field experiences in Peru, Africa, and Australia, North America.
www.giselawendling.com; www.glencommunity.org




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Date & Time

24th November 2021

10.00 ‚Äď 17.00 Uhr


Participation fees

399,‚Äď ‚ā¨, zzgl. 19% MwSt.


Accommodation and Board

There are three conference packages, depending on whether the participants wish to have additional overnight stays/meals due to advance travel or departure:
Package 1: Without overnight stay - day package, incl. 3 meals, coffee/tea = 50,- ‚ā¨ per person
Package 2: One overnight stay (day before or day of departure) - per diem, incl. 3 meals, coffee/tea = 125,- ‚ā¨ per person
Package 3: Two nights - day package, incl. 5 meals, coffee/tea = 172,- ‚ā¨ per person

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The highlight

David Sibbet is in parallel also with a group for a day at Beuerhof on the topic "Working with Visual Consultants". Both groups will come together and exchange ideas.... in this way all the people on site cross-fertilize and inspire each other in their exploration, their doing and their practice. You will meet exciting people!


The Venue

Click here for a map and photos of the Beuerhof. It is in the Vulcan Eifel in Germany, south of Cologne and west of Frankfurt.  The food is all organic and sensitive to different needs. We will share a beautiful communal dining room. We stay in rooms in the large main house and some in cabins. There are several medicine circles and places to walk and meditate.



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