Facilitator Curriculum International

For the first time we are offering the Facilitator Curriculum of the Kommunikationslotsen in English in an "International Version".

The Facilitator Curriculum International is ideal for you if you are in the context of facilitation, process consulting, organizational consulting, community building, agility, agility/scrum master, coaching, training, leadership, facilitation and/or teaching.

What it is all about

The Kommunikationslotsen have been cultivating facilitation and facilitative leadership in German-speaking countries for 25 years. Through international collaborations with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea (The Circle Way), Amy Lenzo ("Online Hosting Now"), Gisela Wendling, David Sibbet and Alan Briskin (GLEN, "Leading as Sacred Practice"), Mary Alice Arthur (Story Activist) as well as through our role as co-host of the EUVIZ, European Conference of Visual Thinkers, Practitioners and Facilitators, in cooperation with Neuland, the Kommunikationslotsen and their fine way of hosting meetings and facilitating transformation became visible beyond Germany.

At its core, facilitation is about dialogue and participation, i.e. about multiperspectivity and fostering collective intelligence. The facilitation approach of the Kommunikationslotsen involves working on one's own person, or more precisely on the facilitator personality (‚ÄúYou are your most important tool!‚ÄĚ). And we share in the curriculum beyond that a sound, catchy theory of consulting and facilitation. High value is placed on the encounter between a client system and an all-party contracting-phase and initial consultation. The aim is to explore the client's ideas about goals and solutions and to organize participation and multi-perspectivity at the earliest possible stage. In a further phase, a resilient contract and context is developed, which increases the likelihood that dialogue-oriented consultation and facilitation will be successful. In collaboration with the entire relevant system, social technologies that have been tested worldwide are used in small and large groups. The methods and tools are potential-oriented and geared towards creativity and conflict regulation. The facilitation flow takes place from the formation of intentions and ambitions, through preparation, to co-creation in the entire system and on to harvesting with all participants.

Who should be there

The Facilitator Curriculum International is ideal for you if you are in the context of facilitation and visual facilitation, process consulting, organizational consulting, agility, agility/scrum master, coaching, training, leadership, facilitation and/or teaching. The facilitator vocation feeds on a commitment to the roots of organizational development as a democratic practice. It is about understanding organizations as living organisms with a specific logic of their own and organizing communication so that people experience greater coherence and self-efficacy. This orientation towards people (mental system) and the organizational (social system) is the special contribution of facilitation at this time.

The Facilitator Curriculum International consists of two modules with 4 training days each and practical as well as reading assignments in between. We offer this curriculum in a fixed learning group and provide opportunities to deepen the learning content after completion of the second module.


What we will learn

In the Facilitator Curriculum International we share our facilitation approach with a resilient, fit-for-purpose theory from some 25 years of practice. It is about how facilitative consulting and guidance can be successful in organizations with many shareholders and stakeholders. We also learn how unconscious basic assumptions about organization, management, leadership, learning and collaboration influence what we do. We discover helpful tools, thinking frameworks, large group practices, and all kinds of professional social technologies that bring out the potential and helpful personality parts of our clients.

In addition, we give space for participants' concerns and practice cases:

  • own questions
  • own situation
  • own client structures
  • own strengths and goals

The curriculum has a cross-professional effect.

The special features of the Facilitator Curriculum

Learning environment

Trying, feeling and doing are the program. With the exception of practical videos, we do not use projectors or PowerPoint. There is also theory and impulses that introduce the practical workshops. All training contents, settings and experiences are visualized professionally and clearly. Theory pieces are also recorded as audio for follow-up listening.

As far as the moderation technique is concerned, the Kommunikationslotsen are supported by Neuland. Visualization is fun! A welcome by-product of the "curriculum" is that you experience and apply live visualization in the context of facilitation!

We pay attention to the places we meet and the people who provide those places. We consciously choose and design a setting that inspires and enables learning on many levels.

Our participants also appreciate what takes place besides the actual program: exchange, networking, an extraordinary location in the middle of nature, walking, jogging trails, good food, evenings around the campfire - there are many factors for an all-around inspiring stay and a special time for body and soul. Feeling good here is not difficult. Together with the lovely people of the Grube Louise seminar center, we are good hosts and a well-coordinated team.

The Facilitator Curriculum International of the Kommunikationslotsen is hosted by Roswitha Vesper and Holger Scholz. You can find us here: https://kommunikationslotsen.de/die-lotsen/

Ute Schulte and Liane Schelz are available for organizational matters before and after the event.

Photo documentation & audios
For your follow-up you will receive a comprehensive photo documentation and audio recordings in digital form as well as a list of material, links and literature on the topic.

Collaboration platform
We offer a web-based platform as a knowledge database and for networking. This way you have access to all learning content and materials from anywhere.

Neuland discount
Our cooperation partner Neuland grants participants of our trainings a discount on the entire product range.

The Modules

The Facilitator Curriculum International is based on the experiential knowledge of communication facilitators and follows the standards of the IAF, International Association of Facilitators ("Code of Ethic" and "Foundational Facilitator Competencies"). Pieces of theory in our work come from action research, large group work, systemic consulting, systems theory, hypnosystemic consulting, neuroscience, agile and integral organizational development, meta-theory of change, potential orientation/positive psychology, mediation, coaching and aspects of bodywork/embodiment, among others.


¬ĽLeaving Routines. Creating new contexts.¬ę
April 15-18, 2024

Module 1 offers an introduction to the facilitation approach of the Kommunikationslotsen with a focus on all-party contracting of the assignment and initial consultation. One intention here is to produce a resilient facilitation system in which collective intelligence and co-creation can be experienced. Furthermore, we share a phase-based meta-model for facilitation, our so-called facilitation flow. This model enables overview of the facilitation process as a whole, orientation for the clients (leadership), focus for the participants and advisory competence for the facilitators accompanying the process. Furthermore, we work with our Facilitative Thinking cards and use them to explore helpful basic assumptions for facilitation and leadership ("facilitation as a school of thought"). The methodological repertoire includes an introduction to potential-oriented thinking and working (Appreciative Inquiry), the World Café as a dialogue and reflection workshop, and The Circle Way.


¬†¬ĽIslands of Sanity for Change¬ę
June 24 - 27, 2024

Module 2 deepens the introduced theory pieces, thought models and methods and enlarges the facilitative repertoire with the necessary preparations for working with extended bodies of perception and preparation (pilot groups, design teams). It is about the ARE IN formula (Marvin Weisbord), mandating, clarifying givens and co-creating a robust context of sanity for producing multiperspectivity and collective intelligence. The subtitle "Islands of Sanity for Change" refers to the importance of creating a context in which participation and co-creation can succeed through implementation. Here, the focus is on fearlessness, and role clarity, and on asking appropriate and provocative questions at the right time. In addition, the topics of large group work, self-organization, harvesting and the law of two feet play an essential role (Open Space Technology Mastery).

Your Hosts

Your hosts are Holger Scholz and Roswitha Vesper of Kommunikationslotsen.
For many years, we have been consulting and facilitating nationally and internationally operating organizations and corporations on the topics of leadership, change and cooperation. Currently, many of our clients' projects focus on the organization-human interface, new organizational forms and organizational design, competence building (self-regulation, communication, attention design), agility, leadership in times of digital transformation, value development, participation and co-creation.

Holger Scholz

Holger Scholz

Certified Professional Facilitator (Int. Association of Facilitators); specialized in preparation and facilitation of change and necessary dialogues in large organizations. Change Management/Change Facilitation, Large Group Facilitation, facilitation of management teams, team development, Natural Facilitation. Managing Director.

Lara Nachtsheim

Independent process facilitator, facilitator and systemic coach. Specializes in change processes in large organizations and in the non-profit sector, management dialogues, holistic organizational, leadership and team development with a focus on personal responsibility, a sense of community and resource orientation as well as individual decision-making and change situations. (Co-Facilitator in Module 1)

Andrea Rawanschad

Independent facilitator, mediator and trainer; specialized in structured dialogue, facilitative and mediative moderation, human-centered organizational and leadership development. Accompaniment of change in working life, co-creation, new work, visual facilitation and training. (Co-Facilitator in Module 2)

Facilitator Curriculum International

Learning cohort 01
Venue: Seminarcenter Grube Louise, Germany

Module 1 "Leaving Routines. Creating new contexts."
April 15-18, 2024

"Islands of Sanity for Change
June 24 - 27, 2024

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15.04.24 - 27.06.24

Seminarzentrum Grube Louise, Bergstr. 1-5, 56593 B√ľrdenbach (Grube Louise)

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All information at a glance

Training times

The training consists of 2 modules of 4 days of training. We call this curriculum. The curriculum includes reading assignments between the modules. Participants of the Facilitator Curriculum receive a final certificate as "Professional Facilitator International" (Kommunikationslotsen).

Day 1: 10 am - 7 pm
2nd-3rd day: 9 am - 7 pm
4th day: 9 am - 16 pm

There are also 1-2 evening sessions in each module.

Training language: English

General Terms and Conditions

We are entitled to conduct the training online or to cancel it at short notice if necessary. Click here for our terms and conditions.


Seminarzentrum Grube Louise, Bergstr.1‚Äź5, 56593 B√ľrdenbach, Germany

We will book a room for you. If you do not wish to do so, please select the appropriate option once we confirm the booking and coordinate organizational details with you.


The costs

2 modules total 8 days Facilitator Curriculum International

Early Bird until end November 30, 2023

Early-Bird-Ticket 3.534,30 ‚ā¨ gross (2.970,00 ‚ā¨ net)

Code: ‚ÄúEarly Bird International‚ÄĚ

Standard-Ticket 3.927,00 ‚ā¨ gross (3.300,00 ‚ā¨ net)


Plus costs of the seminar center Grube Louise with overnight stay and full board

  • per module of 4 days: 618,32 ‚ā¨ gross (7% on overnight stays: 3 x 41,00 net = 123,00 + 7% = 131,61 ‚ā¨ gross; 19% on catering: 409,00 net + 19% = 486,71 ‚ā¨ gross)
  • Additional night with optional advance arrival: 48,79 ‚ā¨ gross (41,00 ‚ā¨ net)
  • Additional breakfast with optional advance arrival: 16,05 ‚ā¨ gross (15,00 ‚ā¨ net)


You will receive the invoice of the Seminar Center Grube Louise in the amount of 618,32 ‚ā¨ gross per module on site.

  • 3 x overnight stay in a single room
  • 3 x breakfast
  • 4 x 3-course lunches
  • 3 x 3-course dinners
  • 8 x coffee breaks
  • non-alcoholic conference drinks
  • Training room costs

Please also note the cancellation instructions of Grube Louise: In case of cancellation of a registered participant: 3 days before the start of the seminar: 80% of the total price, 1 day before the start of the seminar (or in case of no-show): 100% of the total price.



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