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„New Work & Agile“

Wir teilen unseren Beratungsansatz und berichten von aktuellen Projekten. Danach wenden wir uns den Fragen und Herausforderungen Ihres Vorhabens zu und zeigen Möglichkeiten auf.


”Die Menschen mitnehmen. Bei Strategie, Neuaufstellung und Kultur.”

Zum Kennenlernen und zum fachlichen Austausch. Multimedial, workshop-ähnlich.



”New Work & Agile”

Organisationale Erneuerung, Digitale Transformation, Co-Creation in a VUCA-World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), Die stille Revolution in Markt und Gesellschaft, Digital/New Leadership, Selbst-Organisation und Selbstführung, agiles Mindset, Purpose-driven Organisation. Vom Know-how zum Know-why, Philosophie, Neurobiologie & Erkenntistheorie für Führung, Facilitative Leadership

Gruppen und Organisationen, die strukturell, strategisch und kulturell vor neuen Herausforderungen stehen und zu mehr Stimmigkeit und Vertrauen in den eingeschlagenen Weg gelangen wollen; Steuerungsgruppen, Managementteams, Projektteams, Pilotgruppen, Transformationsteams

Für Gruppen zwischen 1 und 16 Personen. Workshop-ähnlich;
das Setting ist an die Gegebenheiten anpassbar


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    Beratung durch die Kommunikationslotsen

    ”Die Menschen mitnehmen. Bei Strategie, Neuaufstellung und Kultur.”


    Organisationale Erneuerung, Dialog-orientierte Organisationsentwicklung, Digitale Transformation, Führungsverständnis, Co-Creation in der VUCA-Welt (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), Agilität, New Work und die stille Revolution in Markt und Gesellschaft, Digital/New Leadership, Selbst-Organisation und Selbstführung, Purpose-driven Organisation. Transformations-Begleitung

    Organisationale Erneuerung, Dialog-orientierte Organisationsentwicklung, partizipative Strategieentwicklung, Werte und Unternehmenskultur, Change & Transformation, Neue Führung, Bewusstseinsentwicklung mit Blick auf neue Organisationsformen und Führung

    Kennenlernen plus fachlicher Austausch und Beratung, multimedial, Workshop-ähnlich;
    das Setting ist an die Gegebenheiten anpassbar


      Bitte machen Sie uns unverbindlich ein Angebot.
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      In our five-year journey into leadership as a sacred practice, participants over and over again said, "What happened here is CAN happen!"

      We are aware that this is not everyone’s language, but the hunger for something more-- something that deserves the word sacred--is real. Now is the time to meet with people who, like us, are searching for a deep and true exploration of what it means to step into good and wise leadership.

      And we also need specific practices, not just language. Our intention to explore a different way of leading has already become real for many. The approaches we have discovered are already being applied to difficult periods of transition and transformation. Repeatedly people feel the difference. People are learning to shape sacred spaces and to use approaches that evoke extraordinary experiences.

      Those of us working as an Ensemble to facilitate this work (Alan Briskin, Gisela Wendling, David Sibbet, and Holger Scholz) have designed a learning journey where several amazingly fresh and ancient aspects of leadership will be illuminated and experienced. We focus on things we can do every day at work, as we gather in meetings, work on our projects, and in all undertakings in which we collaborate with others to make a difference.

      This way of leading is about how we support each other to feel the importance of what we do. How can we learn to be good to each other? How can we align with what the world is wanting and needing? We have heard over and over again that it is important to know how to be a leader like this. This is what leading as sacred practice is all about.

      We are, for the first time, sharing six different ways of knowing & leading that have emerged as primary. We see these ways and the ancient disciplines associated with them as important extensions of what is usually taught about leadership in schools or the workplace. We’ve found that commitment to personal practice, group dialogue, and practicing different ways of sensing and feeling into collective space can be transformational.

      This initial online offering introduces you to this (re) emerging field of knowledge and practices. Our offering combines experienced facilitation, on-line learning groups, a digital learning platform, and access to the GLEN (The Global Learning & Exchange Network) for further professional development. Here is what we are offering.

      Way 1 The Servant Leader - respond to your deepest calling to serve.
      Way 2 The Circle Wizard - understand the nature of this ancient human practice.
      Way 3 The Natural Native - be centered in yourself in connection with the Earth.
      Way 4 The Space Steward - attend to the aesthetics of spaces where the work will take place.
      Way 5 The Crucible Guardian - guide and protect the space as we remake ourselves.
      Way 6 The Ritual Intercessor - guide rituals that ignite healing, connection, and transformation.

      Here is what’s included in the Leading as Sacred Practice Online Series which starts April 23rd:
      - a compact and easy to understand introduction to each of the six ways
      - an ensemble of four experienced pioneers and facilitators of this work who are available to you personally
      - helpful tips and resources for integrating these ways into your own leadership work
      - an ongoing, global learning group with like-minded practitioners and leaders
      - an ongoing online home base on the GLEN learning platform for sharing, further integration of what you have learned, and more doorways to open
      - extensive resource and literature references for continued self-study
      - 12 hours of well-designed and highly interactive online time
      - the opportunity to attend the LASP Summit at a reduced price
      - an exploration of a very different kind of leadership that will inspire your activities, projects, and organizations.

      Get the free eBook now and see if this is for you!

      If you are open to experiencing online learning as an opportunity to invite and explore the sacred as part of our secular work, please join us for this online series! Places are limited. You will be joining a growing number of individuals from around the globe who, like you, are coming together to share and be transformed through inspiring encounters and deep learning.
      Register for our Leading as Sacred Practice Online Series starting April 23rd.


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      Was ist "The Circle Way" für dich? Diese Frage haben wir uns selbst gestellt. Daraus ist ein Spontan-Video entstanden - anlässlich des Circle Way Onlinekurses, der am Donnerstag, 4.3., beginnt. Du kannst dabei sein, wenn Du magst. Anmeldung hier:



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