The Art of Hosting Yourself

The Art of Hosting Yourself – A retreat for leading and hosting from a stance of hosting yourself first

6 – 9 March 2019, Beuerhof, Germany

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As the pace of work and life continues to explode and complexity is increasing, many of us feel the need for leading and hosting from an inner core that gives direction and confidence. It is the time to uncover our inner knowing of what really counts and to see our genuine strengths instead of being busy looking for the next fad, tool or method.

What is the core?

The Art of Hosting Yourself is a personal capacity building retreat for leaders and hosts based on the art and mastery of The Art of Hosting, StoryWork and the Idea of life as ceremony. It is not about collecting more tools and methods but about being more skillful with yourself as the instrument. The Art of Hosting Yourself gives time and space to discover where the intersection of your love and mastery meet the world’s needs. The intention is nothing less than leading and hosting from a stance of hosting yourself that not only offers others the same quality but creates a whole new paradigm for how to lead and hold space.

At the core, we as humans want to feel secure and at ease, experience space, access creativity, lead ourselves – undisguised, interconnected, grounded, confident. Bringing this quality into play does not call for a new tool or a method. It calls us to break free into our capacity of leading and hosting from a stance of hosting ourselves first. This is truly the runway for leading and hosting others and serving the whole.


What is the invitation?

For those who intellectually “know all this”, but finally want to embody it, we offer a training dojo that will move you from “What’s the next method?” to “What is my core practice and how do I strengthen it?”.

For those who’ve heard about The Art of Hosting and want to immerse into the core practice of it, this is for you! During our time together we will take you to knowing the practice and the unique orientation of the Art of Hosting and take it to the source of self-hosting. By doing so, you can find your solid ground and create a pathway that will take you to your next level of leading and hosting.

This invitation includes facing our fears and crossing our inner thresholds in order to regain new direction, strength and confidence – beyond methods.


What to expect?

During our time together we will focus on practices that underpin the Art of Hosting and support powerful, personal grounding. The Fourfold Practice and the 8 Breaths of Process Architecture, paired with the ability to create powerful questions, build your capacity to stand strong as leaders and hosts in times of challenge and change.

We will experience earthbound practices such as solo time, circle and ceremony that keep us grounded, find the heart and power of our story and expand our knowing about basic and beautiful forms of leading and hosting. It is not about becoming more wise, but to invite wisdom and hold the most helpful container when needed – individually and together.

Take-aways will be:

  • Deep understanding of The Fourfold Practice
  • The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture
  • A clear Idea and first experiences of leading and hosting from a stance of hosting yourself
  • New direction, strength and confidence
  • A cohort and circle of companionship for your forward journey


Who is this for?

  • Leaders and Hosts who
    • want to make a difference in their personal and work lives towards selfcare and hosting themselves as a precondition for leading and hosting others
    • care for their organization and at the same time care for yourself, for your people and the earth – results and meaning
    • want to explore new, beautiful and genuine ways to be in relationship with others – individually and in groups
  • Anyone who wants
    • to ground themselves in a new way for taking the next step in their private and public expression
    • to step powerfully into their contribution in the world
    • a safe space to explore and honour their edges

The Place

The Art of Hosting Yourself requires a supportive setting which we have found in the undisturbed and secluded location of the Beuerhof in the middle of Vulkan Eifel in Germany. There is plenty of open space as well as ancient and sacred places for special experiences. It is a place to be in touch with each other and the land, an environment that helps focus our intention and emanates warmth and hospitality.


Your Hosts

Your hosts are both expert group facilitators who work internationally with individuals and groups. Mary Alice brings a focus and practice on the power of storytelling and the lifelong questions „What is mine to do?“ and „How can we live well together?“.  Holger has a lifelong practice in the Lakota Sundance tradition, bringing ceremony and the ways of the natural world into the circle.  They bring their love and skill together to hold the space for transformation.

Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist, using Story to help make positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times.  She supports people to take back the power of their stories so they can make wiser choices.  Her art is in creating spaces where people can find the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. She is a sought after international process consultant and event host, and an engaging speaker. As a Steward of Art of Hosting <>, she teaches participatory practice and storywork around the world. At one time she performed as a storyteller and is also the founder of the Wellington Storyteller’s Café, still running in New Zealand since 1996.

Holger Scholz is the founder of Kommunikationslotsen. His professional passion is cultivating our natural capacity for facilitating and mentoring – from time to time this includes mentoring ourselves. He has worked with individuals, groups and entire organizations. Holger became involved with large-group interventions in the 1990s. During this period, he came into contact with American ideas about organizational development and process consulting. Much of what Holger implements in his work is based on his training as a change facilitator, coupled with his personal experience of Native American traditions, ceremonies and cultural techniques, with which he first came into contact at the age of 25. Exploring the powers of ceremony, ritual and passage he co-created the format „Leading as Sacred Practice“ with Gisela Wendling, David Sibbet and Alan Briskin.


Retreat Costs & Logistics



Early Bird (until 1th January): € 1.400.00 (approx. $ …). Price includes tuition, accommodations, and meals. A 19% VAT tax will be added on registration.

Standard (1th January until 6th March): € 1.700.00 (approx. …). Price includes tuition, accommodations, and meals. A 19% VAT tax will be added on registration.



Early Bird (until 1th January): € 1.700.00 (approx. $ …). Price includes tuition, accommodations, and meals. A 19% VAT tax will be added on registration.

Standard (1th January until 6th March): € 1.900.00 (approx. $ …). Price includes tuition, accommodations, and meals. A 19% VAT tax will be added on registration.


There will be special offerings for Students and “hard times”-People, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Thank you Corporates. You help us supporting others to join.

Retreat begins 1:00 PM Wednesday, March 6 and ends at 3:00 PM Saturday, March 9.


More to know

The retreat will be hosted in English.

We invite an international gathering of those who are willing to hold the opportunity to build a cohort for a longer period of time to come.

We encourage you to think about bringing a friend or a practice colleague so you can be in this work together.

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