Hangout-Circle : Be part of it!



We’re teaming up with our friends at The Grove, David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, and Alan Briskin on Thursday,March 17th at 9 am (Pacific Standard Time (PST)) 18 p.m. (Central European Time/Mitteleuropäische Zeit (CET/MEZ)) for an inspiring Hangout-Circle where you will learn what turns – even a digital – meeting into a meaningful event with insights, real emerging collective intelligence and genuine contact.  Explore and learn about ways that support our practice as leaders, hosts or facilitators to work with the ‘sacred’ as an important resource in our practice. 


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We want to share insights and experiences about our intention to inspire the world with the art of „Leading as Sacred Practice“.


After the Hangout-Circle you’ll:


• be able to differentiate between profane and sacred space
• know three „sacred practices“ that turns a day-to-day meeting into something special and meaningful
• be inspired by the art of „Leading as Sacred Practice“


You don’t want to miss this!



Be one of the first six participants and take part of the hangout via video. Checked in too late? Doesn´t matter: You´ll get your invitation to follow the video and take part of the q&a session in order to discuss with them in realtime.

You´ll get your invitation link a few days before the event will start.

(No worries if you can’t make it during the scheduled time – register anyway, and we’ll be sure to send you the recording afterward!)
Leading as Sacred Practice PDF Brochure, hangout-circle