Dynamic Facilitation

Dynamic Facilitation: From conflict to creative collaboration

Dynamic Facilitation DF Rosa Zubizarreta

What is Dynamic Facilitation?

Created by American consultant Jim Rough, this „completely new form of facilitation“ is a way to support people in coming together to work on impossible-to-solve problems with authenticity and creativity. It has been shown to be highly successful in the business world, as well as in the field of public participation. German consultant Matthias zur Bonsen started bringing Dynamic Facilitation to Germany in 2005, where it has begun to spread among practitioners of emergence-based practices.

What’s special about it?

We know that to effectively address complex problem, we need to discover new ways of thinking about them. Yet as humans, we are easily constrained by our own perspectives or „silos“; whenever we encounter different and unfamiliar perspectives, it’s easy to become defensive and entrenched in our own ways of thinking. This is where Dynamic Facilitation is so useful; it helps us maximize creative tension in a group, while minimizing interpersonal anxiety. This helps a group enter a state of creative flow, where differences become a resource for transformation and breakthrough thinking.

Leadership Teams and Dynamic Facilitation

We want to encourage leaders and leadership teams to learn this valuable tool for transforming conflicting perspectives into creative collaboration. It can be very useful for your entire team to develop greater capacity for facilitating your own challenging conversations. You can use Dynamic Facilitation for this, by having different participants taking turns being in the role of „designated listener“.

Next Steps

At this point our focus is offering inhouse-Trainings for organization that want to embed creativity and participation in their DNA. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, or have any other queries, we encourage you to contact us.

Your Contact Persons

rosa zubizarreta  holger scholz

Rosa Zubizarreta is an organization development consultant trained in action research and socio-technical systems redesign. She has been working with Dynamic Facilitation since 2000 as a practitioner, researcher, and author, and has taught this groundbreaking approach both in the U.S. and internationally. Recently she co-hosted the first international gathering of Dynamic Facilitation practitioners in Batschuns, Austria. E-Mail Rosa

Holger Scholz is founder and co-director of the Kommunikationslotsen, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and co-author of the Learning Map on „Dynamic Facilitation“. He is a passionate Dynamic Facilitation practitioner and offers his more than 15 years experience and expertise in consulting and facilitating. Holger cares a lot about the context of any intervention or method. Beside his DF-experiences he will share the Kommunikationslotsen-Approach as a succesful and profound fundament for meaningful change. E-Mail Holger

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