About us

Kommunikationslotsen is a process facilitating consultancy based in Germany committed to IAF participative facilitation standards. We offer facilitation and visual facilitation consultancy, coaching and training. In Europe, we are pioneers in both facilitation and visual facilitation.


A facilitator helps groups and organizations to work more effectively by allowing them to jointly solve their own problems and develop joint strategies. Change, development, and new learning cannot be “managed”: at best, they can be accompanied. This is why we talk about “facilitating change”. Facilitating change within complex, organization-wide change initiatives as well as delivering coaching and facilitator training is our principal area of work.

Here you find more information about our Facilitator training curriculum.

Kommunikationslotsen – the first certified facilitators in Germany

The founder of Kommunikationslotsen, Holger Scholz, was the first facilitator in Germany to obtain certification according to IAF standards  (CPF, Certified International Facilitator IAF) in 2000. Managing Partner Roswitha Vesper completed the same certification only two years later. In the meantime, Kommunikationslotsen has become internationally well-known. Whether you are looking for basic and advanced training, or for assistance and facilitation with participatory change projects, Kommunikationslotsen has the right team for the job.

We will be very pleased to explore whether our services and products are a good match for your needs. Please send us an email for any questions (info@kommunikationslotsen.de).


“During our change process, Kommunikationslotsen proved to be an extremely practical and flexible team. Drawing from a wide variety of techniques, they used targeted language and showed charisma during all phases of the project, including initial counsel, preparation, realization and post processing. We saved a great deal of time due to Kommunikationslotsen´s professionalism and service mentality. Wunderbar!”

Andreas Winkelmann, certified organization developer and manager Central Projectmanagement & Office Administration of the DHL Express Betriebs GmbH, Bonn

“The use of modern moderation techniques considerably improved our conference’s results. There were three elements that provided an open atmosphere in which we were able to truly face real challenges: Letting go of a strict agenda, working in flexible groups, and focusing on a true dialog culture instead of on lectures. The results are speaking for themselves.”

Christian Twehues, Corporate VP Application Services, Information Services, Henkel KGaA

“Kommunikationslotsen has very successfully assisted several of our major change initiatives at BP/Aral. One of their outstanding acheivements to date has been helping us with the right choice of questions, especially during the initial stage of a project. Kommunikationslotsen is masterful at  playfully shifting between the use of structured techniques and pure, intuitive creativity – a very engaging skill. Our group’s members accept and appreciate them as deeply motivated professional consultants, a truly rare species who consider a project as meaningful even after having already fulfilled their contract.”

Oliver Krawinkel, District Manager Ruhr, Aral AG