1st bikablo® Training in London!

Liebe Kolleginnen, Kollegen und Freunde, vom 30-31 Oktober fand das erste, offene englisch-sprachige bikablo® Training statt. Das war eine Premiere. 

Bikablo® Visual Facilitating Training in London
October 30-31 2013


The training is based on the highly successful bikablo® technique, a universally applicable visual language anyone can learn which has been developed by Kommunikationslotsen in Germany. If you’ve come across our popular bikablo® visualization books and related products already – this is your opportunity to experience the original first hand from the creators!

The training in London will be a 2-day introductory training for beginners. We focus on the basics of drawing and imagery in visual language: No matter how small or big your talent, you will take your first visual steps on a flipchart and learn how to use small details to make large spaces look clear, attractive, and lively.

You will be working in small groups and both trainers will take plenty of time to answer your questions and guide you into the world of visual language with hints and techniques suited to fit your individual progress. We will be working with high quality workshop and facilitation materials provided by our partner Neuland / Pinpoint Facilitation Ltd.

The venue was a creative loft workspace in East London.

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